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You should dial the Heritage Trust Of Lincolnshire contact number 01529 461 499 for information about their ongoing environmental conservation projects, to express your interest in volunteering for a building reservation project, or to make a donation over the phone.


Trust Contact Number – 01529 461 499

The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire aims to advance public understanding of all matters relating to the cultural and physical heritage of the county. Therefore, the trust promotes the upkeep of Lincolnshire’s natural landscapes in conjunction to its archaeology, architecture and cultural history. You should phone the Heritage Trust Of Lincolnshire on the following contact number 01529 461 499 for full details of their projects and events. For instance, you may wish to request a copy of the trust’s annual report to read accounts of their successful restoration projects and fundraising drives. In addition, the trust offers opportunities for education, volunteering, and leisure activities. Specifically, locals can book a place at events, ranging from a stone carving taster day, South Lincolnshire walking festival and a community conservation drive. Moreover, the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire offers a full range of heritage consultancy services across the East Midlands. Notably, the trust encourages community groups to get in contact for support advocating the local culture, history and environment to under-represented audiences within the heritage sector, including young people, BAME groups and people with disabilities. Alternatively, you can call the heritage trust to discuss the ways in which you can lend your support to their services. Beyond volunteering at one of their events, you can assist their projects in the way of a financial donation. To be exact, the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire asks for financial assistance through one-off donations, regular direct-debit payments, and fundraiser proceeds.


Cost of Calling the Trust

The Heritage Trust Of Lincolnshire runs a local rate contact number, charging callers the same fixed per-minute rate any phone line prefixed with a ’01’ or ’02’ area code. However, you may be able to contact the trust for free if your mobile tariff has inclusive minutes or if your landline package is bundled with free local calls.


Email the Heritage Trust Of Lincolnshire

However, if you have been unable to get through to the Heritage Trust Of Lincolnshire over the phone, you will be able to make your enquiries and volunteer requests via email, using the address as follows: