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Contact a representative from Lincolnshire Country Council on their phone number for Lincoln Household Waste Recycling Centre enquiries 01522 782 070 if you are unsure which items you are able to recycle or would like to know of the site opening times.


Recycling Centre Enquiries – 01522 782 070

Phone Lincolnshire County Council to speak to a representative of the Lincoln Household Waste Recycling Centre on their contact number 01522 782 070 if you have any questions about the type of items that you can recycle at the site. For instance, although you are able to recycle electrical appliances from large white goods to TV sets, you will have to ensure that you deposit your item at the correct station or risk a fine. Moreover, no household chemicals such as bleach or white spirit are accepted on site and will have to be collection by the council’s hazardous waste disposal service.

Furthermore, site staff will provide help unloading your car when reasonable but visitors should be aware that they will have to bring the required number of people to lift heavy loads. Notably, the Lincoln Household Waste Recycling Centre does not accept any form of trade or business waste as it is exclusively for local residents. If a member of staff suspects that you are bringing trade waste to the centre then you may be liable for prosecution. By this token, you should call the Lincolnshire County Council to prior to disposing of any home office equipment that may be mistaken as business apparatus. You should also phone the centre to ask if they collect gardening waste or if you can dispose of general household rubbish following a missed bin collection.


Phone Line Costs and Centre Open Hours

Lincolnshire Country Council runs a local Lincoln number that will charge callers the standard per-minute rate as any other geographic call from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you may be able to contact a representative from the council for free if you are using any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your service provider. You can visit the Lincoln Household Waste Recycling Centre during the opening times of 9am–4pm Monday to Sunday and should therefore call during these hours.


Drive to the Centre

If you have had your queries answered and are ready to visit the centre to dispose of your recyclables then you should take note of the following Lincoln address for use in your car’s SatNav or smartphone navigation app:

Lincoln Household Waste Recycling Centre,
Great Northern Terrace,
LN5 8LG,
United Kingdom.